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Our vineyard

The estate is mainly composed of old vines with an average age between 40 and 65 years.

We progressively practice grass cover-cropping to limit erosion and both to preserve nature.

The vine healthy when it is well cultivated, in order to obtain safe and mature grapes, and then good wines. Most of the tasks in the vineyard are manual.

– Our mains soils are granitic and chalky clayey:

* On granitic soils, wines issued from these areas are delicate, fruity, and ready to drink at a young age.

* On chalky clayey soils, the wines are able to age longer, just after pressing, they are stored and aged in big old barrels called foudres. These are rich wines, with good length. They are able to age in bottle up to 4 years depending on the vintage. This traditional way of ageing is nowadays unusual in Beaujolais, and we are proud to continue it in good conditions. It is one of our strong points !