Pierre and Cécile Durdilly warmly welcome you in the Bois d’Oingt village, at the heart of the Pierres Dorées area at Domaine Les Gryphées.

You will taste our  various vintages in our  vaulted cellar. You will discover our passion and enjoy the characteristic soils of our vineyard “Les Gryphées”.

Gryphaea are fossilized oysters from the Tertiary, which can be found in large numbers on the chalky clay lands of our hills.

We descend from a winegrower’s lineage and we still try to combine soil tradition with innovative working and winemaking methods, in order to reach the quality expected by lovers of good wine.

Our son Guillaume is winemaker too, he cooperate with us, his estate is called “Domaine des Grands Rouvres, which takes place at La Chapelle de Guinchay, in the North of Beaujolais.

Our job :

We are authentic vine-growers and wine-makers, that means that we are owners of our vineyards.

All year long, we do by ourselves all the tasks the vine needs.

Then we produce wine on our own, in an environmentally friendly way, which is a deeply rooted tradition in French wine-growing habits.

The manual grape harvest and wine-making are the two highlights of the year. We are particularly careful during these periods so as to produce and bottle high-quality wine.

Work is not lacking at home, but it is a passion !

Wine tour :


Visit, wine-tasting and purchases :


Please contact us for a private reception.

Length : 1 hour.  

English commented visit of the cellar, presentation of our way of life, and tasting.

Purchases are possible.

price : 15.00 € per each visitor for private visits. Closed on Sunday.